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eco3P (pronounced “eco-three-pee”) is a online curated social marketplace that was created to make it easy for you to find premium eco-friendly, vegan, and sustainable living products that are aligned with your values and lifestyle. Not only will you discover great environmentally friendly products but you will also get the satisfaction of knowing that for every purchase you make on eco3P, a portion of the rainforest is conserved through our partnerships with various conservations groups.

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People helping the planet… feels good right?  Simply put, we are trying to change the way you think about shopping and supporting our environment.  eco3P strives to create win-win gains for everyone: consumers, merchants and the planet.

Here on eco3P you can connect with amazing companies and individuals that want to contribute to the sustainability of our planet. These merchants are providing fair wages to workers, employment and job training for the underprivileged, practicing sustainable farming while reducing pesticide use, saving children from sweatshops, empowering people to provide for their families, and offering you a quality product at a fair price.

What do the “3P’s” in eco3P stand for?

Central to our core values is the triple bottom line principal of People (social), Planet (environmental), and Profit (economic) – a.k.a. the “3P”s. Sustainability is fully integrated into the strategy and operations of our marketplace. As we look to economic recovery following one of the most tumultuous periods in human history, there has perhaps never been a better moment to change how business is done and together we can now start to rebuild the economy in a sustainable way.

This is rooted in our 3P policy – People. Planet. ProfitshareTM

Shopping at eco3P:

Shopping at eco3P is easy. Registration is not required to purchase products and transacting on eco3P is fast safe and secure. eco3P will never ask you for your financial information. Buyers and sellers do the entire interaction independently. All you need is either a credit card, debit card, or a PayPal account to make a purchase. Whether you are looking to buy a solar powered water fountain, an e-bike, or fair trade goods, eco3P is your eco marketplace. Start browsing our green marketplace today!

Sounds awesome, tell me more about how your marketplace works:

Eco3P is much more than another e-commerce website selling “green stuff”.  Our team of eco-spiders crawl the online and offline world looking for businesses selling high quality products that meet one of the following eco-label criteria:

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If the identified product meets at least one of the above criteria our team then begins to meticulously analyze that product even further and determine if should be made available to our customers via our marketplace.  Only the highest quality green products will be listed on our revolutionary platform.  Learn more about our eco-labels and our green scorecard

Our Green Team

Our story includes the core team of passionate people working day and night to make eco3P possible. And our greater team of skilled and knowledgeable stakeholders, without whom, we wouldn’t be able to make such an impact. And of course you! We want our community members to play an active role on this journey, share their ideas, and participate in the decision points that we will need to make.

Why Buy Green Products?

When you use your money to buy an environmentally friendly product, you are doing something to help the environment, not preserve the status quo. Buying green has a positive impact on health, the environment, and our local economy. Purchasing is a way of voting with your dollar. As consumers, it is important that we are aware of the growing range of environmentally friendly items available to us. By choosing to buy green products, we tell producers and suppliers that we want products that are not harmful to our environment.

We are always on the look out for great talent.  If you are interested in working at eco3P, please check out our career opportunity section for our current openings.

We hope you enjoy our green marketplace and find something you like, after all we created this site for you.

Peace and Love.


eco3p eco friendly marketplace About us

About us

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